About John and Penny Graff

John Graff through the eyes of his wife.  First off John is an amazing Leader, he absolutely loves learning.  You can find John reading and listening to CD’s to improve himself on any given day.  He implements those skills in working with our Community Building Business TEAM.  He loves helping people identify areas of their lives that they may want improvement in and showing them tools in which they can grow as well.   John used to be a Project Manager and CAD Drafter at IPEC ( Integrated Process Engineers and Constructors) in Fort Atkinson, WI.   We started our LIFE journey together when we were married 15 years ago.   We now pursue Living Intentionally For Excellence through our LIFE Business and also with Team Leadership. 

My Experience has been in the Nursing Field for the last 29 years, having built an assisted living home 11 years ago I have been able to use our Training System of information to more effectively run that business. 

We have a Beautiful Daughter who Manages our Assisted Living Home and also builds a LIFE business with Team Leadership.  We have two amazing Grandchildren also who continuously bring enjoyment to our lives. 

We feel so Blessed and Thankful to Dan and Lisa Hawkins for sharing some information with us 5+ short years ago that has changed our lives forever.


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