Got headache?

Just back from the Team/LIFE summer leadership convention! If there was ever a time in our business to truly believe one can attain their dreams; it’s now. How can I say that – you say? Because Orrin Woodward and the Policy Council of the team literally did what I wrote about in my last blog: They broke what was already good and made it great! They found a way to lower the “barrier of entry” cost to a stinking 49.99!!!!! Plus they added free association (the opens and challenge groups) for a full month!!!! Plus they made the training system part of the initial sign-up to get people understanding just how to attain their goals and dreams – not just learning life changing information.

My big take-away from the major was two-fold: The first came from Founder Tim Marks when he asked the crowd of 10,000+ “Who here is on MySpace?” and maybe 10 hands went up. vs “Who here is on Facebook?” where a vast majority of us folks at Bradley center raised our hand.  Then he made the point that the fate of MySpace was sealed once the company was sold and corporate got their greedy little hands on it. Then he asked if we were aware that Mark Zuckerberg (sp)? sold Facebook for 19 Billion last week.

If only there was a group of very high character leaders with a mission driven vision to create a community of people with a business model unlike anything the world has ever seen – where the very people within said community would be the ones to profit it the information age with great information….

My best friend asked me what will replace Facebook? It will take a little time, but Team/Life opportunity is the only group out there whose soul goal is not to make the most money, but to pay the most money to anyone willing to help expand the community.

Getting involved with a business with no monetary ceiling (we have no idea how high up is regarding the profits to be attained), yet get involved for less than a tank of gas!!! We are about to go viral!

The second thing I’ve never seen before was the speed of results people were getting. Instead of significant growth in months, people are getting those results in days!!!  What does that mean for you? The ability to have significant profitability in VERY short order!

So, don’t be like the fleas in a jar that have hit their head on the lid so many times, that they get conditioned to the point that they won’t jump any higher even after the lid has been taken off.

We are not fleas. You have the ability of free will and choice to live the life you’ve always wanted. It is now attainable faster and better than ever thanks to LIFE. So take the lid off and launch into a brighter future and alleviate the headaches if you dare.

God bless,

John Graff


6 comments on “Got headache?

  1. Kristi says:

    Great, GREAT article that pretty much sums up our AMAZING opportunity! Thanks John… WOW! I got EXCITED ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! Anyone that wondered what was “going on @ the Bradley Center”, you explained it beautifully!! 🙂

  2. Kayla Krumm says:

    Wow, I so do not hae a headache today, to much running through to take time out for a headache!!!! I loved this weekend and can’t wait for the next. We will be ON FIRE running in to the event. Thanks for the Blog and your knowledge.

  3. Jammie says:

    Love it John! Great post

  4. John you move people in a powerful way! That blog post made me feel like I was just coming out of the Major again! You already sound like one of the PC! I’m sure that you will be one of the very next ones! I’m proud to be associated with a powerful servant leader like yourself!
    God Bless! Go Team Wisconsin!!!! KCB

  5. John Graff says:

    Thanks Jammie. Appreciate the feedback.

  6. Free the Fleas! Excellent points John. If one person can do it, so can I!

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