Catch an Open/Challenge group, lately?

Great association is where it’s at. No one knows this better than Orrin Woodward. So the question becomes; How do you know if you are hanging with the right association? I believe the answer comes down to what you truly want out of the time here on earth that you’ve been given. I hear it’s a finite amount. Another question might be; How do you define happiness in your life?  What I’ve come to learn from people who have great results in ALL of the 8 F’s in LIFE, is that true happiness can’t be pursued directly, but rather, is a byproduct of serving others.

So what does that have to do with whom I associate, you might ask…. If you feel the quote “birds of a feather flock together” holds some degree of truth for you, then the answer is: everything!  They become your center of influence and affect your belief/value system of your life. So let me ask you: Do the people you hang with have your best interests at heart at all times? Do they have the knowledge, resources and love for you to help you get wherever it is you want to go? Do they encourage you regardless of how far fetched your ideas may seem? One would hope so. Do they ever pass judgement on you or criticize you or gossip behind your back? One would hope not. Sounds to me like the beginnings of a definition of a true friend.

That is the kind of association one often finds at a Tuesday night ‘open meeting’ (as well as the challenge groups that meet every other Tuesday). I learned a long time ago that where you will be 5 years from now, is directly connected to the books you read and the people you associate with! Choose wisely.

God bless, John Graff

P.S. Feel free to fill me in on how an open/challenge group helped you grow!


5 comments on “Catch an Open/Challenge group, lately?

  1. John, I am so impressed with the content at the challenge groups. Not only from the videos but what everyone has to share with each other when talking about the video. Everyone can learn from everyone has never been more true as we all learn from everyone’s life experiences through their successes and failures.
    Thanks for a great post John.

    • rjfisher1 says:

      Great post John! I couldn’t agree more with you and Steve about the value and the learning that is taking place at the challenge groups because of the shared insight of so many people. I think another huge piece of the success is the personal connections that are made as people exercise the opportunity to share a little more in-depth than they may have previously because of the comfort of small groups.

  2. The small setting has allowed so many to share that normally would never have been able to. It is amazing the talent that is in this community!

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