Orrin Woodward: Whistleblower

O.K., let’s be totally honest here. Who would like to know the full “low-down” on Orrin Woodward?!? His past, his present, his affiliations… just what is the big deal (good or bad) about this guy and just what does he represent? This will likely be my shortest post ever, since I refuse to re-write what Dan Hawkins wrote yesterday! If you are at all serious/curious about what I’m referring to, go to: danhawkinsleadership.com and take the time to read his “article”. Then decide for yourself what kind of leader Orrin is.

Sincerely, John Graff

P.S. Please feel free to comment on his sight, he/we would love to get your honest feedback.


3 comments on “Orrin Woodward: Whistleblower

  1. kaylakrumm1 says:


    Thanks for the post, it is amazing what really happened. I know I am following the right people.

  2. johngraff01 says:

    Thanks, Penny and I as well!

    • The truth is amazingly interesting! Isn’t it funny how negative lies are so loud for everyone to hear but the truth eventually comes about and is sweet to the ears. People of integrity expect to be believed and when they are not……….
      Well you know the story.
      Steve Leurquin

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