Orrin has the details!

Having just got back from the spring leadership convention, I was blown away by what Orrin Woodward and the LIFE founders have come up with for incentives to do what we should all be doing anyway: improving our lives and helping others improve theirs’ as well!  The craziest part is the extremely low level required to receive a FREE PAID TRIP!!! Not just any trips either. For most folks, these are once in a lifetime trips! What’s more; build your business a little bigger and LIFE will send you on an even fancier (did I just use the word fancier?) and longer trip than your first one!

Don’t take it from me. go to today’s post (May 2nd.) on Orrin’s blog for all the cool details… then you decide where you want to go and who you’re taking with you! Give it some serious thought because for many of our team mates, it is gonna become a reality. (enough already, John… where are these details!)   Go to orrinwoodwardblog.com

happy trails, John


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