“Mental Fitness Challenge!” Say what?

Hey everybody. Its here! Phase II of the-life-business.com. Orrin Woodward and the founders of LIFE are chomping at the bit to roll out the details at the spring national leadership convention! As good as the business of LIFE is, it’s about to add a bunch of turbo-boosters (pun intended) as the TEAM is about to go “viral”!

One of the key ingredients to cause that is the MFC or “Mental Fitness Challenge“. This will be a systematic self-assessment tool to help us all better understand where our strengths and weaknesses lie (for those brave souls who truly want to strive for the life they’ve always wanted). What the founders realize is that if we could raise our leadership ability even a little bit, the ramifications from that increase would surprise even the meekest of us. Why? Simply because leadership is the highest paid profession. Who wouldn’t be interested in being more effective with leading people, knowing that there will be people in your life ’til the day you die. Couple that thought with a quote that Orrin often says: “Your raise become effective as soon as you do.”

The wonderfully crazy part about this business opportunity is that it monetarily rewards us to get educated in those areas we choose to get better in! That is unheard of in any industry. Its the antithesis of college; I get paid while receiving an education! How cool is that.

The other part that cracks me up is that so many people pay good money (whether its gym memberships, sports, dietary related, cosmetic related as well as all types of apparel), all in the name of better physical fitness/appearance – and don’t get me wrong, that’s very important. But let’s be honest, how many of us make a daily effort to improve from the neck-up?

I’ve heard that the founders have put more time and energy and effort into this particular piece of our business than anywhere else. I don’t know of any group of men and women who are more respectful of the time they have than the Policy Council. If they have invested their time that heavily into this, safe to say it will be very worthwhile for us to do the same. So come on! Join me in taking the Mental Fitness Challenge on the backside of this weekend. Who knows; you might lead yourself straight to the life you’ve always wanted!

God bless, John Graff


8 comments on ““Mental Fitness Challenge!” Say what?

  1. rjfisher1 says:

    MFC!! Great post John – you hit the nail on the head with “I get paid while receiving an education!”

    We cannot wait to get started with the Mental Fitness Challenge.

  2. John – great post – the new Education standard is being launched for those who want the competitive advantage in their life.

  3. The real thing is better than the previews!

  4. Elaine Koleske says:

    MFC will definitely make a difference in our country, community and world!

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