What are the “4-C’s”?

For those of us following Orrin Woodward and the-life-business founders, we understand Michael Dell’s concept of the “3-C’s”: Content , commerce and community. But Penny and I found it very intriguing that our pastor had wrapped his sermon around “4-C’s”.

The title of his message was called ‘Leaving a Legacy that will Last‘.  He posed each “C” within the form of a question. Then he elaborated on each question and added biblical references. For the record, it was an excellent sermon (as Pastor Brian’s always are). They are always Christ/Gospel centered, and we can’t help leaving Sunday’s service without pondering the wisdom within his Message!

That notwithstanding; here are the questions he posed and the order in which he posed them. See if you don’t feel as I do. That what we do regarding the TEAM/LIFE business, doesn’t directly corollate with his message.

1. What will be the CENTER of  life?

2 What will be the CHARACTER of my life?

3. What will be the CONTRIBUTION of my life?

4. What will be the COMMUNITY of my life?

Isn’t it cool that as we build community through the 8 F’s, we ask similar questions of ourselves and our team mates, so that we stay principle based and keep an eye on the things that truly matter in peoples lives. From my personal perspective, it appears that what the life business offers: information to improve peoples lives in  8 areas of a persons life (Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friends and Fun), makes for a wonderful contribution to whatever community you are part of. For Penny and I personally, we feel that to strengthen our character, we seek to put Christ at the center of our lives. That’s why we go to church every Sunday: to strengthen our relationship with Him, and in turn, better serve our fellow man.

Please don’t misunderstand my intent. We are not attempting to take away from the church, that’s absurd. That’s simply not God’s will, nor am I personally qualified to preach the Word as Pastor does….

What I am attempting to point out is simply this; that we are standing on more common ground than we realize. If my faith gets strengthened even more so, by implementing the information in the faith piece of our business (in addition to) Sunday morning’s message… how is that a bad thing?

If someone says to me; What is it that you guys do? My answer is simply this: What Penny and I do for a living, is build communities of people through which great information flows, in order to give them the life they’ve always wanted, to improve their lives in whatever areas they want to focus.

May I end with a quote from the end of our Sunday sermon: “We were created for community.

God bless, John Graff


10 comments on “What are the “4-C’s”?

  1. rjfisher1 says:

    This is fantastic. I appreciate your sharing his content, which I love. It is amazing to have a business that supports our spiritual growth.

  2. The 4 C’s, to a lasting legacy. I like it! Any supplemental teaching to the truth is worth reading and growing on.
    Thanks John
    Steve Leurquin

    • johngraff01 says:

      I’m with you Steve. I like how you call the life material in the “Faith” F, Supplemental teaching. I think that’s just how it should be viewed. I never want to stray to far from my connection to the Source of my worship on Sunday Morning!

      • John Maxwell says that all of his leadership principles come from the Bible. That is where all true leadership principles come from.
        Steve Leurquin

  3. John Graff says:

    Isn’t it funny…. “America’s leadership guru” (as Orrin calls him), pulls his principles for ‘the’ book of principles. I remember a while back at a super open in Janesville and you were talking to a Pastor/Reverend looking at the business, and you jokingly made the comment to him… ‘in studying John Maxwell, depending on your beliefs, you may not want to know where he gets the bulk of his leadership wisdom!’
    Thanks Steve

  4. John Graff says:

    I know you know, and you know that I know you know, but for the rest of us: I’d really like to know. What do ya know?

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