From Wooden to Woodward to you.

May I strongly encourage you to read Orrin Woodward‘s latest blog, Leaders are LIFE-time learners; but please watch the attached video as well. We’ve heard the saying “All leaders are readers, but not all readers are leaders.” As Orrin says ‘for leaders, reading is a non-negotiable’. So let me ask just 2 simple questions:

1. Are you in the habit of reading? and

2. What are you reading?

I was struck watching that video as he described reading a book by legendary coach John Wooden, that one could glean the highlights of his (then) 91 years of successful living, and get it all in a one time purchase of a 16 dollar book! Talk about bang for the buck.

But then it hit me. We have the highlights of one of the top leadership (if not THE top ) minds in the world recently write a book, namely “Resolved: 13 resolutions for life“,  that captures and packages his thoughts on how to think like he does, which in turn, could lead us toward the results he has. Yet some of us won’t take the time to read it, OR, we will read something of no lasting significance. Alas, as always, it’s our choice. Choose wisely.

God Bless, John Graff


4 comments on “From Wooden to Woodward to you.

  1. Jammie says:

    Thanks for the great post John. For me, reading was a tough habit to create when I was first challenged to do so as a part of my own personal growth. I think that I had to unlearn some previous beliefs that had yeilded a lot of what I thought were good results in my life to that point. What I see now is that the results I had weren’t as good as I’d been led to believe and that so many others were doing so little, that my efforts to “do” put me ahead in many endeavors, but very little of that was due to my knowledge, just work ethic. Now I see so many around me with great results in many areas due to the combination of reading and repeatative application of that reading in life. I have learned that true success requires both and one without the other yeilds frustration! Often it took me years to learn things like this because I was too busy “doing” to think. I pray many will read and choose wisely, as you said.

  2. It’s amazing how something that used to be painful to me has now become something I can not live without. Thanks John
    Steve Leurquin

  3. dave says:

    What a great blog

  4. Hey John thank you for the great article! Reading makes all the difference in success!

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