Have Guzzardos helped you?

The Life leaders like Orrin Woodward, Dan Hawkins and Steve Leurquin (to name a few), have highlighted a wonderful couple in their latest blogs by the name of George and Jill Guzzardo! Many of you who read this may already be directly or indirectly working with them. Feel free to ‘click’ on Orrin’s site to get the full story of how they became the leaders they are. What a trip it must have been for Orrin and Laurie to have a front row seat to their leadership-growth journey.

My question to you is: How have they helped you in your leadership journey. Please reference any personal stories, or maybe a talk or CD containing info you could use.

For me personally, I will always remember hosting them at a Major leadership convention. I asked Jill how Penny and I are to reverse some of the roles we play, in order to help our growth as well as help our team (or some strange esoteric line of questioning of the sort…). Jill immediately grabbed my head with both hands, tried to close my eyes and kept saying shhhh, shhhh, quiet…. sshhhh! As if to say  “stop it”! What she was trying to teach me is that we are to play to our strengths while at the samc time, cover eachother’s weaknesses, until we can shore up those weaknesses in our own timeframe.

Always open to hear another funny/profound George and Jill story!

God bless, John Graff


4 comments on “Have Guzzardos helped you?

  1. Funny stuff! What does esoteric mean?

    George and Jill will always have a spot in our hearts. They held the line and kept a large leadership community focused on what we as a Team truly stand for. For the vision they have cast to the whole group I thank them.

    Thanks for the great post!
    Steve Leurquin

  2. Greg Streuly says:

    I was “Mr. Negative” before hearing George and Jill speak at the July 2010 seminar in Madison. George’s talk is what started the embers that would become the fire of my dream and what I see as my reason for being. Thank you George for your message that day! Without it I may never have made one of the best decisions of my life.

  3. Gloria Fruit says:

    Jill & George’s passion for the next generation touches a cord with me. Their concern for what is happening in our country – the lack of morals, character and integrity and what it means to our future generations is very real. We are in a fight for our lives and George and Jill are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure we don’t lose our freedoms. As George said – we cannot sit idly by and watch our freedom slip away – “NOT ON OUR WATCH”. I will follow George and Jill in the freedom fight and wherever it may take us!!

    • johngraff01 says:

      Pen and I couldn’t agree more. We are so proud of your leadership as well! You are a model of character and integrity with a servant heart to boot.
      love, John and Pen

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