What is ‘social capital’?

It’s superglue and WD-40. Say what?!?  Check out Orrin Woodward‘s  blogs from February 1st. and 2nd. and you’ll know what I mean. I love how he references an outside source. In this case Pastor Jon Tyson, who explains in wonderful detail what social capital is and how the concept of community fits into it (and vice versa).

How do you view social capital? How is it tied to your definition of ‘Friends’? Is it simply the affiliation piece of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Oops. sorry… some of my freshman psych-101 showing through.

As you read Tyson’s article, I encourage you to think through your life and think about the connections that have come and gone. How transient are you? Do you still live in the town you grew up in? Where has employment or relationships or even technological advances taken you? How ‘Free’ are you? Our freedoms are such that many folks are getting married (if at all) much later in life. I challenge you to think why that might be.

The evidence continues to stack up: community is vital to the psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being of us all…. and here we have in our hands, a solution to those needs!  So what could LIFE do for you, let alone the connections in your life?

I would love to get some feedback from you regarding how your life has been affected by social capital / community!

God Bless, John Graff


4 comments on “What is ‘social capital’?

  1. rjfisher1 says:

    Community is it! Being friends with you guys and so many others we would’ve never known is a huge effect of community. Knowing that these are friendships that will stand the test of time, are strong through the ups and stronger in downs that will be thrown all our ways in life is such a richness and security that I cannot imagine not having. There’s so much more, but that is a massive blessing and something I am so glad to share with everyone, because I think we all need it (reference Mr. Maslow).


    • johngraff01 says:

      You got it Jammie! Penny and I so appreciate you and Richard’s friendship. I loved your comment about friendships are strong in the “ups”, but even stronger in the “downs”. I know first hand that is true because leaders like you are there to pick us up and dust us off and point us in the right direction! tnx.

  2. autumn belle godfrey says:

    Great ardecals iv been reading. Them and it takes alot of courage to right thouse I’m proud of u grandpa and I love u

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