Who’s made a ‘Major’ decision?

Here we go! In just a few days, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the rest of the Founders of LIFE will be descending upon Columbus, Ohio for the Team winter leadership convention! I, along with the life leaders, teammates, and newly found friends acquired through the building of this crazy business – can’t wait!

My question to you would be (of course); Did you make the decision to come to the major? When I think more deeply about that question, it occurs to me that whether you decide to go, or not to go, it is truly a ‘major’ decision! I say that because you hear the stories of so many of the bigger leaders on the team who truly decided to act on this vehicle, then came out of a major running and in turn, causing radical positive changes in their lives. The effects of which yet to be fully known as their legacy expands into the unforeseeable future. How do you measure the worth of such a decision?!?

But then there is the other side of the same coin. The stories that we will never hear about. The countless souls who don’t/won’t get exposed to the thinking that could change their lives in a long-term profound way. Let alone the ripple effect of the lives that they in turn could touch with their newfound knowledge and relatability of their ‘story’….  I’m reminded of the saddest words in all of literature: ‘…what might have been.’

I highly encourage you, if you’re still on the fence about going, please – for your sake – take a leap of faith and make this weekend a true  turning point in your life, and not just yet another forget-able weekend!

You may ask yourself; John, do you really think it’s that crucial? My answer is a resounding “YES”! The reason I say that is because there was a time not so long ago, where I reluctantly went to a ‘major’ in order to appease my wife…. Ha Ha! The joke was on me! My plan backfired. Our life has changed immeasurably for the better, I became ‘job-optional’, and for the record: We’re just getting started!

C U in Columbus!

sincerely, John Graff


6 comments on “Who’s made a ‘Major’ decision?

  1. Thanks for the great post John. That settles it, I am going! Look forward to seeing you and all the leaders there.
    Steve Leurquin

  2. Mike and Emily Hebbe says:

    Yup me to John , you talked me into it!!!! Great post see you in a few days!!!!!!!!! Woooohoooooo its major time!!!!


  3. rjfisher1 says:

    I am all in! See you there.

  4. ChrisKfun1 says:

    WOW! John, you hit the bullseye. Glad I made the decision to help myself and my future. Thanks for the post.

    Chris Koepke

    • johngraff01 says:

      Thanks Chris,
      You are one (among many, many, many reasons) why Penny and I have simply made the major part of our lifestyle… and we know many of you have as well. So proud of all of you who were there. Can you think of a more effective way to spend your weekend? I can’t!

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