Would you like to end/begin the year with Orrin Woodward?

What a way to close out 2011 and start 2012! Penny and I along with several of the top leaders on Team Stealth – led by Dan and Lisa Hawkins, were invited by Orrin Woodward to spend a day at his property and go out on his recently renovated yacht! Sunny skies and an ocean breeze with temps in the ’80s for new years…. It was certainly a first for me.

A wonderful and unexpected part of the trip came when Dan told us that Orrin had gotten word that he was named in the top 10 of the IAB (Independent Association of Business) awards for his leadership blogs of 2011. The crazy part is that Orrin told Dan “… if we do this right, we could be at the top of that list in ten years!”  Only to get word moments later, that he in fact was named #1 on that list!!!

I think the world is waking up to the fact that Orrin is the man he appears to be: A true visionary, humble hungry student and character driven leader that fully plans to be a change agent for the restoration of western civilization! Sound kinda ‘heady’? Than read his new book Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life and/or listen to any of the many his LIFE recordings that The-LIFE-Business has to offer, and find out for yourself!

To learn more about the award, check out Chris Brady’s blog and how he found out. Here’s just a snippet of what Chris had to say about Orrin in that blog:

People don’t always like to be told the truth.  The rules of success are hard and merciless.  People often choose to blame the messenger instead of facing the mirror.  But Orrin Woodward is not a student of convenience, nor a cohort of mediocrity, but rather a revolutionary for personal developmental excellence and a “no excuse” lifestyle of greatness.  Whereas in many cases these would be mere high-sounding words, in the case of Orrin Woodward they are well deserved. 

So the question remains; Who are you following into the new year in order to improve your thinking – and thus, better results? I would say that my answer is quite bias, but the IAB (which has no affiliation with Team and/or Life) thinks otherwise.

God bless, John Graff


6 comments on “Would you like to end/begin the year with Orrin Woodward?

  1. rjfisher1 says:

    Great post John, couldn’t agree more about what fantastic leadership we have. The trip was amazing, too. It is an honor to be included on such a unique invite-was fun to share that experience with you and Penny!


  2. Sun, beautiful water, blue sky, oh my! Thanks for the post John. What a great time to be had by all on an yacht with great company.
    Steve Leurquin

    • johngraff01 says:

      Having leaders like you and Jamie there, let alone the Hawkins and the Woodwards, made for a very memorable “elephant charging” weekend. Thanks for leading the way!

  3. John,

    Too many people in our current day of information technology use the internet to pick who they follow. Unfortunately as humans we tend to gravitate to gossip and drama rather than truth (see the popularity of “reality TV”).

    Because our thinking frames our life choices, many accept the gossip of nameless faceless purveyors of fiction rather than fact and choose to follow their own decisions of the past which is to get poor advice of others (in the case of the internet people they don’t even know) to make their life choices.

    I choose to follow Orrin and made the decision years ago after careful character based analysis done face to face which anyone can do themselves by attending the LIFE Leadership Convention in Columbus Ohio Jan 27-29.

    • johngraff01 says:

      Awesome observations Greg! I couldn’t agree more. Thanks also for stating what becomes “too obvious” for me sometimes – that if one wants to make an informed decision regarding the leaders of the Team/Life business – Then Columbus, Ohio is the place to be! See u there.

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