Merry Christmas!

With the Christmas season upon us, I feel it would be very inappropriate to not  explore the ‘Faith-F’ of the Life business. If you reference our plan materials or observe the LIFE wheel, one can’t help but notice that Faith is mentioned first and is at the top of the LIFE wheel. I’m pretty sure that’s not an accident.

Leadership, or success in any endeavor for that matter, is nothing more than a walk on faith…. Faith that the business works, faith that you will learn and grow, faith that you will persevere until successful, faith in your business partners’ character and ethics, and finally, faith in the knowledge that if God is with us, than who can stand against us.

At the risk of offending those who have a different belief system; I believe God is in fact with us. Currently in the form of the Holy Spirit. That about 2000+ years ago, he took the form of man so that He could relate to us in a way that we could understand Him. He humbly entered this world, served us, educated us, and finally died for us to atone for our sin so that we could have eternal salvation with Him again!

Depending on how you feel about what I just wrote, I sincerely hope you at least ask yourself the question: “Why do I believe what I believe?” Because as I heard Chris Brady once say: “Eternity is a long time to be wrong!” If you couple that with Orrin Woodward who says: “Ideas have consequences.”, it leaves a lot to ponder.

When you consider the duration of each of the 8 Fs, one of those lasts infinitely longer than the other 7. I encourage anyone, sample some of the recordings or read a book or two from the AGO (All Grace Outreach) series of information. I promise it will make you think, and that’s all we would ask – that you think about all aspects of your life. Not to be a drone, but to truly draw your own conclusions. In turn, your leadership perspectives may help someone else along their faith-filled leadership journey.

Merry Christmas and God Bless,

John and Penny Graff


7 comments on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Blaine R Terrill says:

    Outstanding! Thanks for leading by example! Honored to build community with you and Penny!

  2. Darrek Travis says:

    The AGO is a great part of this biz, even if your faith is strong! It truly helps to hear a different perpective and like you said, you can not hear too much about the gospel!! Thanks John for sharing such truth!
    Merry Christmas to all….

    • johngraff01 says:

      Hey Darrek,
      As much as I enjoy the sermon on Sunday Morning, The AGO series increases that relate ability through different speakers with proven fruit on the tree, and if you’re anything like me, it may take a different speakers covering the same topic to get it through this sinner’s head. Merry Christmas to you and Kristi as well!

  3. “When you consider the duration of each of the 8 Fs, one of those lasts infinitely longer than the other 7.’
    That is a very important true statement!
    Thanks John
    Steve Leurquin

  4. Lori Platt says:

    A little late, but thanks for this post John. It’s important to recognize the reason we celebrate Christmas and I appreciate your specific description of why Jesus Christ came to earth as “God with us.”

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