Why read leadership blogs?

Orrin Woodward, George Guzzardo, the  other Founders of the-life-business and Steve Leurquin! It doesn’t take long to read their blogs to know that these men think differently. 

Orrin’s latest blog has teachable moments all over it as he gives a brief overview of LIFE/Team CEO and co-founder of the-life-business: Mr. Rob Hallstrand. Thank you Rob for accepting a daunting leadership challenge, and rising to the occasion by growing yourself to fulfill your destiny!

George’s latest blog asks the question: What’s your story? Or should I say; What’s the story that you tell yourself? Here’s a quick excerpt:

Your frame of reference changes by getting around a winning culture and other winners. When you learn to have a genuine drive to overcome all obstacles, you compel others because of your conviction.  Surround yourself with great ideas.  It’s easy to get around people with no ideas.  Have you ever associated with small minds?  They talk about other people.  They have no ideas of their own so they reduce their existence to talking about other people in an attempt to build a platform to stand upon.

Thank you George, for learning the principle: Ideas have consequences. 

And then there’s Team Stealth’s own Steve Leurquin: who reminds us of our deepest fear, and encourages us all not to play small. Thank you Steve.

As I read these blogs, I am blatently reminded that I am surrounded by an association of greatness that is calling us all out to become the men and women of character and conviction to help make a positive difference in this world.  After all, isn’t that a deinition of true leadership?

God bless, John


3 comments on “Why read leadership blogs?

  1. Thanks John. Great post.
    Steve Leuruqin

  2. Cem says:

    I’m not aetpmtting to influence public discourse. It is not now and has not ever been clear to me why I should care what other people think. I don’t want to lead, nor to build other leaders (nor any kind of robot). What I want primarily is to be left alone. It isn’t clear to me that the leadership ideas you espouse would result in replacing the hierarchical power structures with nothing. I think what you are proposing would result in replacing one failed set of hierarchy with another.You don’t have any stake in my property, in my life, in my body, in my labor, in my wealth. It is madness to imagine that you should get a vote in what I do with my life. You don’t.The whole basis for the success of a free market is that each individual chooses. There is no central planner. There is no central plan. There is no consultation about stakeholder interests. You choose for you. I choose for me.I am not subject to your authority. I do not consent to ask for your approval.

    • johngraff01 says:

      Dear Cem,
      I’ve read and re-read your comment, and I think we think more alike than you might think (huh). Seriously, I totally agree: you have free will and I believe you have the God-given right to live your life as you see fit. I appreciate folks like you who have decided to think for themselves. I in turn, may or may not agree with you, but will defend your right to say it. You are right about me not having a stake in your property, life, body, labor or wealth. You are also right: I should NOT get a vote in what you do with your life. I have NO authority over you. You do NOT need my approval. That’s one of the beautiful pieces of a free society. You can only ALLOW me to influence you if you so choose. Since you don’t, I can’t begin to lead you anywhere. May I only make a simple suggestion that someone once said to me; Educate yourself enough to find the common denominators that hold value for you (and only you), and, only take advice from people who have the results in life that you want-in any and all areas, not just financial.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Sincerely, John

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