Have you read Orrin Woodward’s: Resolved?

I’ve been reading the new book by Orrin Woodward: Resolved – 13 resolutions for life, and I’m blown away by how succinct he is at making his points through principles along with some very poignant stories to help me fully understand his concepts. Yet without fail, after I finish reading a chapter involving 1 of the 13 resolutions, I find myself saying ‘that’s the one I need to work on’. Only to read the next chapter and say to myself ‘no, wait… that’s the one I need to work on’.  But then I’m quickly reminded of something that Dan Hawkins said in conversation just yesterday.  He said “just pick one thing… What one area of your leadership skills are you willing to attack for the next 30 days?”

If you’ve ever taking a sporting lesson covering all aspects of your sport, did you get better or worse after the lesson? I won a free round of golf with a golf pro, along with a free lesson to boot. I was so exited to improve and to try to make all the proper adjustments, but I was thinking about so many things at once, that I got dramatically worse! Leadership is the same way. If you focus on all things at all times, you’ll just get jammed up. But if you picked specific time frames to consciously work on one thing at a time, you’ll be much more effective in the long run.

For anyone that’s read the Frank Bettger book How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling, he states right in there that he consciously worked on 1 of Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues every week for years and years. As he put it “that was the track I ran on” that led to all the success he had accumulated over the years.

So, my advice to you dear leader, is read Orrin’s book and apply. 1 topic at a time for a set amount of time. Then cycle around the other resolutions and hit it again. Just to state the obvious, as I recommend this to you, I’m recommending it to myself as well, knowing full well that I have miles to go towards a place that one never actually arrives, but become better for having taken the Team/Life journey.

God bless,

John Graff


5 comments on “Have you read Orrin Woodward’s: Resolved?

  1. John,
    Orrin Woodward’s book is amazing and a great read for everyone. Thank you for your insight to one that is going to be a top selling book.

  2. Kim and Jim Jones says:

    Well put! I couldn’t have said it better. RESOLVED has certainly made me question every pont made and where I am in my journey. This season I am thankful for many things of which a few are the good men that I have the opportunity to follow in the TEAM/LIFE business. I am Blessed!


  3. Larry Wieberdink says:

    Thanks John for not only sharing your observations but also your frustrations. Your candor is an inspiration for all of us and the mark of a true leader. Keep up the great work!! It’s like you say don’t get bogged down, just pick one and start the process.

    Larry Wieberdink

    Stealth Red Eagles

  4. Kayla Krumm says:


    Thank you so much for this blog. I also am trying to just choose one of the eight areas of my life to focus on. I am torn between some of the 8 F’s. It is great to see my leader and mentor have the same struggles I go through, so I know that he is walking through the mine field to help us all. While at Dan Hawkins house for the meeting here him to choose one for the next 30 days and see how far you go. I am blessed to know and have the TEAM LIFE in my Life.

    Thank you,


  5. Heather Wright says:


    I love the consistancy throughout our leaders on the LIFE TEAM!! We are all headed in the same direction, each of us a little further along the path!!! How great it is to know that the path is there for us to follow if we so choose!

    Thanks for all you do & God Bless!!

    Heather Wright

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