vs – What’s the difference?

Have you ever been excited and confused at the same time? Many people are thrilled with the opportunity of what can offer, yet don’t see what has to do with it. I totally understand how one might feel. As a matter of fact, I was so skeptical of how this all worked, that for several months I avoided doing my ‘due diligence’, regarding this group called “The Team.”  My complacency regarding what the Team  was all about, just led to more speculation and confusion. But over time, thanks to a patient, loving wife and the understanding of these strangers (team mates), that she was getting to know that were helping her, I gradually came to understand how it all fits together.

What Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady along with the founders of LIFE have figured out, is that in order to have a successful business that runs without you constantly ‘being there’, requires a proven, franchise-like system of operation. Business owners that have been highly successful in those type of endeavors, focus on just 2 things: leverage and duplication.

So; The life business is ‘opportunity’, like the food that we purchase at a fast food restaurant. That’s what the life information is: its correct brain-food for the masses to improve their lives in multiple categories, that provide income to the business owner. Sooooo,  the LIFE business is the “supply” side of the business.

The Team is the “support” side of the business. It provides a proven, effective, duplicate-able way of training all of us to be that successful business owner, with built-in leverage points for us all to utilize. The more accurately and efficiently we use the training/education offered by the team, the more systematic (and thus faster) our business grows! As that happens, the more the system does the work, and the less you need to do!

The way it all works best is to build a community as Micheal Dell taught so many years ago, but only Woodward and Brady have figured out how to build, with long-term sustainable success, a true community.

So; to sum up, what Penny and I do for a living – is build communities of people through a proven system provided by the Team. That community then picks and chooses through the LIFE business, what areas of information they want improvement in. This in-turn generates revenues back those who actually build the community!  I sincerely hope that makes sense.

God bless, John Graff


12 comments on “ vs – What’s the difference?

  1. Heather Wright says:


    This is a great resource for all of us!! Even my husband was asking about the difference between the two and man did you put it into words a lot better than I did!! Thanks John for your logicial approach to the topic, you just saved this sanguine a whole lot of trouble 🙂

    God Bless,
    Heather Wright

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  3. Hey John, great article! The Team is the best training on developing a community and LIFE materials are the best products for developing ones self! Keep leading!

  4. Cody Bateman says:

    OK… now I understand. I cannot help but think there needs to be better clarification from the top on down – to the “why and “wherefore” of each! Thanks!

    • Noah says:

      I know right? I was introduced to this whole concept last year by chance and was like “This all sounds wonderful and you all sound sure of it and genuinely excited…BUT HOW DOES IT ACTUALLY WORK?” Now that i understand “what it is they are selling” so to speak and “why” they are “selling” it, I kinda am believing in the business a whole lot more. I’m having a lot of trouble getting started though, it’s very hard to explain this to people and even more difficult to know how to help those that DO want to get into it.

      • jeff wolf says:

        that is the next beautiful thing about this buisness is that in the training system they have cds that teach you that get with your coach and have him recommend some of them to help you !!!!

  5. Tracey says:

    Thanks John, for this easy to understand approach to the Team/life business. It did wonders for my wife’s understanding of what we do & how we do it! I can tell your awesome leader!

  6. kolyssa says:

    Thanks for explaining this! My fiancé and I just became team members, and we just hit 200pv for our second month. I’m finally beginning to understand how it works 🙂

  7. Jon Butler says:

    Question: When you are on a Life subscription and the Team Basic Package do you go into a different income earning bracket or do you get discounted products. Besides the huge advantage of getting system training are their also income producing advantages that physically occur?
    Thanks a million!

    • johngraff01 says:

      Sorry I took so long getting back to you, Jon. Yes there are multiple income streams here. The LIFE business is the opportunity and generates more income than Team income. One starts to see Team income when they have built a business to the size of director, where you are in essence a co-owner of the team. Profits back to you per that income stream are directly proportional to the team profits that month, in conjunction to the size of your business. Hope that answers your question. Thanks.

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