Today’s the day!

11-1-11.  Remember this day. For Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, this has been a long time coming.The-life-business is the culmination of years and years of trial and error, of failing ever-forward, of having people let them down and not finish what they started, of people not saying or doing what they said they would do, the incessant criticism from those who simply did/do not understand their vision, yet all the while – toiling into the night. Working on themselves to be better leaders. To be true men of character. To create a body of work that we can all learn from, while simultaneously building a system of principled truths and to help all of us who dare to follow in their footsteps.

I’m reminded of the CD by co-founder Chris Brady entitled “Today’s the Day” (Team-219). He speaks of Mel Fisher’s quest to find one of , if not ‘the’ greatest shipwreck ever as far as the fortune that lay at the bottom of the ocean…. That quest ended on August 20, 1985 when one of the crew said “put the maps away, we hit the motherload!”

Now fast forward to a whole new industry, where we dig to find the ‘fortune’ in our selves as well as helping others find the ‘fortune’ in themselves, but the true value here can’t be measured in precious metals. Its measured in the lives that are positively changed for the better and the ripple effect it causes that simply can’t be measured.

For Mel Fisher and his fortune, the journey took 17 years.

For Chris Brady and his legacy, the journey took 17 years.

As far as your journey to a better life, we fellow crew members say “PUT THE MAPS AWAY, WE HIT THE MOTHERLOAD!”

God bless, John and Penny Graff


2 comments on “Today’s the day!

  1. John,
    This is really good writing! This is one of my favorite CD’S.

    • johngraff01 says:

      Me too!
      Call me crazy, but there seems to be divine intervention all over the place when you look closely at all the trials our top leaders have been through. It’s simply a miracle of amazingly graceful proportions.
      Thanks, Steve

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