Are you prepared to help Orrin Woodward?

We are now just a couple days away from the official launch of the-life-business, put together by Orrin Woodward and the founders of LIFE! My question to you, as well as myself is; Are you prepared to go to 1 million people?

Some of you are brand new and still trying to figure out things like: What the heck does community have to do with me making a few bucks? Others of you might be thinking: OK, I hear there are people in my business, so how much money can I (will I) make? Then there are a few, who are wondering: Money aside, will the information available truly help my current situation?

These are all valid questions. But since we learn on the team that success= preparation + opportunity, and since the opportunity of a lifetime is about to launch, it really only leaves one piece of the success equation in our hands.  So here’s a simple checklist to see how prepared you are for your future in LIFE!

1. How clear is your goal/objective/dream?

2. How courageous are you about getting the word out to others about LIFE?

3. Do you know the leverage points in your business and how to utilize them?

4. How effective are you at correctly leading people to the trough of information, so they can make an informed decision?

5. How good are your people/leadership skills, in order to help them? And finally,

6. Is your heart in the right place such that; it’s what’s in it for them, not what you can get out of them?

Just some preparational food for thought as we lead people to the truths that can be found in our 8 Fs.  I sincerely hope all of you make time on Tuesday night to tie into the historic broadcast of the “launch of the business of the 21st. century!” I, for one, want you to be able to say to your grandchildren: “I was there, playing my part on the TEAM, when we launched LIFE!”

God bless, John


3 comments on “Are you prepared to help Orrin Woodward?

  1. Jammie says:

    Great post John! This is excellent food for thought for everyone. I pray we all take it to heart and continue to develop in these areas. I am so excited for the run to a million and beyond. When purpose is so strong in your heart and mind, but the ability to pursue it effectively is clear as mud, life can get pretty frustrating. Now with the LIFE business, that ability exists and I (and i am sure many others) am EXCITED to spread the word, pay it forward and help resurrect a nation!


  2. Tia Godfrey says:

    Awesome post, great food for thought! I am so very excited for the launch of LIFE tonight, but more importantly i am excited to see how many more lives this business is about to change for the better. On our way to a million and beyond!

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