Post major excitement for the-life-business!

Here we are – fresh off the fall leadership convention. Orrin Woodward anld the-life-business founders, have outdone themselves! How cool is it to stand on the precipice of not just the launch of a new buisness, not just the launch of a whole new industry, but rather, the start of a movement towards cultural restoration in north america, and eventually, western civilization as we know it!

Do you think I’m thinking too big? If you were in attendance and heard from the likes of Oliver DeMille, than you know that as a society, we MUST think that big. If not, the lives of our grandchildren and great grandchildren, will look nothing like the childhood we had.

On a lighter note, the talks from the top leaders including Woodwards and Bradys were, in a word, phenomenal!  The amount of recognition of people moving on was incredible and let all of us non-verbally know that we, in fact, can do this! Combine that with a business model that pays incredibly well for building a community of people through which flows great information to change people’s lives and you have a recipe for systematic success! Just the way the founders like it.

Here’s a quick video of Penny and I (in case you were curious as to what a John and Penny look and sound like), Immediately after leaving the Sunday afternoon session.

Please feel free to share your experience from this historic weekend. Let me know what “take-aways” you got from it!

God bless, John


3 comments on “Post major excitement for the-life-business!

  1. What an amazing weekend, we are called to help our neighbors and we have the information to do just that. 11/1/11 will be written about in history books one day, and we are so blessed to be part of a fantastic organization called LIFE.

    God Bless

  2. Jammie says:

    Fired up you guys! Awesome video. We couldn’t be more excited, and I agree John, Demilles call was loud, clear and rang oh so true. It is time to dig in and force and freedom shift! So glad to be alive in a time and at a place where we can play a part in something so important on an earthly level and also for eternity using what we are a part of and have learned through this LIFE information.


  3. Aleah Streng says:

    WOO WOOO!!! Agreed, the weekend was more than absolutely incredible!! & I agree w/Jammie-this is an amazing time to be alive! I was looking at some of the people I work with,(in that j-o-b thing) & they are “elders” but they have grown up in, what Demille calls, a “force shift”. & they really do not even know it! I am excited to be a part of the freedom shift!! Brandon was so moved by Oliver’s talk that he couldnt get himself together to just put into words what he was feeling. he did say later on that he has not seen that kind of passion in someone about the freedoms of our country & our families to come, other than guys he’s served with overseas. WE HAVE to do THIS NOW for the sake of generations to come! Oliver truly is a freedom leader, if you will, along with the PC & RT’s & most everyone we are working with in LIFE & TEAM!! We are so excited & thankful to be working w/you & Penny, & the Fishers, & Leurquins, & Hawkins in this LIFE!!!
    Aleah Streng

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