Why follow George Guzzardo into the-life-business?

My wife Penny and I have had the pleasure of working with Team leader and Life founder George Guzzardo for years. He has been an integral part of the development of the LIFE business (the-life-business.com).

The excitement level is close to reaching a fevered pitch as the top leaders are gathering in Columbus, Ohio as I type this! What I so appreciate about George’s leadership is that he is on a constant quest to better understand the historical leaders of our past. Who they were, the situations they were in, how they handled them, along with the outcomes and long-term effects of their decisions. Because of his research, he has developed a perspective that very few people in the world possess!  What an asset to have if you were putting together the business of the 21st. century. That is precisely what the top leaders of Team have put together, and the world is about to found out just what it entails.

As George often teaches, we learn best from our mistakes, but that can be costly and take time. So the next best thing, is to learn from other people’s mistakes and apply what they learned. He has become a compass from which the founders of LIFE can turn to, to avoid making such costly, time-consuming mistakes. All for the betterment of those of us who follow.

For that reason, along with many others, I choose to follow George and the other founders of LIFE into a bright new future! I hope you decide to join us. Thanks to men like George, the road to our future success will be considerably smoother and faster!

on the road to Columbus!!!

God bless, John


One comment on “Why follow George Guzzardo into the-life-business?

  1. Great post about a great man. Thank you for your insight. Once again if anyone is looking for that link to George Guzzardo’s blog her it is: http://georgeguzzardo.typepad.com/

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