Orrin Woodward: Making it happen!

As we are only days away from the launch of a business that is the magnificent obsession of mastermind, Orrin Woodward, I can’t begin to express my gratitude and respect for what he and the founders of LIFE  have been through, to get us to this apex in time.

The leadership event this weekend, culminating with the launch of LIFE as we know it, will become one of those moments in time that you can say “I was there when…”   So: will you be one of those who will:

1. Watch this happen? Then say “yeah, I heard of the Team, and oh yeah, that’s just another one of those MLM pyramid deals… that stuff just isn’t for me.”  Or will you be one of the many who will:

2. Wonder what happened? Then ask yourself “how and why did life get so hard?  What did I do to deserve this station in life?  What can I possibly do to make this situation better?”  Or will you be one of the few who will:

3. Make it happen? Then say “man, I sure am glad I stepped out on faith and followed this group of people into a bright new future!”

To all of the leaders who will be with Penny and I down in Columbus, Ohio; we are very proud to be in this battle with all of you who want to make a difference in your own lives, as well as the lives of others. If you’re still undecided about the major leadership convention, may I strongly encourage you to be part of this group called the TEAM that makes things happen! I for one, truly believe that there will be a day, not so far in the future, when someone from category 1 and 2 will come up to you and say: How did you know?

How will you answer them?

Food for thought, sincerely, John Graff


4 comments on “Orrin Woodward: Making it happen!

  1. Gloria Fruit says:

    Seeing the faith and conviction that you and Penny and all of the leaders of TEAM have, gives us all the reasons we need to follow you into a “bright new future”. People of Integrity expect to be believed and let time prove us right. The time is soon upon us – and it’s very exciting!!

  2. Kim and Jim Jones says:

    Oh how I want that motor coach with the plate that reads….TOLDUSO! In a good way of course.

  3. Heather Wright says:


    You and Penny are some of the most amazing leaders in that you are always those that “MAKE IT HAPPEN”. I am so proud to be associated with you in the battle!! Let’s look at this weekend as not only a celebration of the past but also of what is to come!! Thanks for paving the way to the party!!

    God Bless,
    Heather Wright

    Food for thought: I think I might have to do some more reading before I answer the 1’s and 2’s!! FIRED UP! 🙂

  4. Keep up the gr8 Words John & Penny, with action & results to prove you are real, and not just talk, which is the TRUE definitions for Integrity and Character!!!

    God Bless

    See you at the Top!

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