Why follow Orrin Woodward?

I learned an interesting leadership principle from my mentor Dan Hawkins, who ironically is mentoring from Orrin Woodward. He made the point that true leadership has to have the fundamental ingredient of character. That being, who you are as a person. Your beliefs, values, morals… the very things that shape your personal foundational integrity. In conjunction with that, I would add – doing the right thing because its right, period. Character gets exposed (good or bad), from building a relationship with someone to where you know the person well enough that you can tell when the “walk isn’t matching the talk”.

Reputation, on the other hand, can be based upon the things a person has said and done. Which can be established without actually ‘knowing’ the person.

What Dan explained was that, with social media, the perception is actually reversed! Where face to face, it’s character that counts, but regarding credibility on-line, it’s the reputation that carries more weight.  Ask any political campaign advisor, and they would say the same; that reputation has more to do with the outcome of an election than true character.

This is what’s so unfortunate about such a great communication tool as the internet: that anybody can say anything about anyone, without ever having met them. Think about it; someone’s life can be drastically affected (good or bad) by the content of their reputation, without ever knowing the truth regarding the content of their character!

So, dear reader, though you may or may not truly know my character (my heart), I will tell you this: The leaders of The Team along with myself, have met, know, and have come to love Orrin and Laurie Woodward. We know their hearts (their character). Orrin himself says “a line doesn’t know it’s crooked until it compares itself to a straight one.” I believe I speak for all the leaders on the team when I say, he’s the closest to a straight line I believe I have ever met in my life! He and his wife, Laurie are leaders worth following. In turn, if you do, your own life will be blessed in ways that you can only imagine.  So I pose this question: If you’ve actually met Orrin and Laurie, face to face and engaged in conversation with them, what is your honest “take” regarding their character? I welcome your feedback.

God bless, John


2 comments on “Why follow Orrin Woodward?

  1. Kayla Krumm says:

    I have meet Orrin and Laurie and I can’t tell you how much they mean to my husband and I. Laurie always has that great big smile on her face, she makes you feel like you are old friends when she says Hi to you. They both are truly wonderful people.

    Can’t wait to get to know them better in years to come.


    Kayla Krumm

  2. Well said Mr. Graff! Thank you for being a leader with character and integrity.

    Steve Leurquin (my real name :))

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